NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER 2018 God’s Community Garden is feeling blessed with our harvest of vegetables and herbs this year. January thru October 2018, 5,098 lbs were given away free at our farm stands, soup kitchens and pantries. 200 vases of flowers were delivered to our local nursing homes. We set our goal this growing season for 5,000 lbs planning a clear vision and path to get there. A new straw bale garden was created harvesting 502 lbs of squash and staggering our planting of greenhouse cucumbers harvested 2,185 cukes weighing 1,340 lbs. Another big tally was 1,000 lbs of tomatoes. October is our month we clear out the greenhouses and plant our winter harvesting crops. November thru February 2019 we will be delivering produce to the Salvation Army, Warm up Wednesdays at St Paul’s UMC, Florence Gray Center Food Pantry and the Bristol Food Bank. Our Farm Stands will be closed but our customers will be able to get their fresh greens each week at the pantries. I cannot believe how fast the year has gone. Our growing conditions were not ideal but that didn’t matter much. We are always proud of the community garden even when things are falling apart. We celebrate all the small surprises. They make us smile and laugh. Fun is better than perfect. No need to worry as you can see this is GOD’S AMAZING GARDEN. Linda Wood