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  1. Hi Linda,
    My Name is Kathleen Stafford and I work with Barbara Kemper at the Naval War College. Unfortunately I am not able to help out on April 21st. I work full time at the College and have a part time job at Home Depot (garden center of course!) in Taunton MA . (I live in Somerset MA) I have the next 3 Sunday’s off if you need any help on those days. My home email is and my cell phone is 508-944-6289. I’m an amatuer gardener myself and have 7 raised beds for veggie gardens and a couple of perennial and herb gardens as well. I do a mix of companion planting and square foot gardening to maximize space in the veggie beds. I think this is a great thing that you all are doing and I would like to help in any way.

    Take care,

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