October at the Gardens

In the first week of October, Linda, Linda S, Paula, and Judi tore down cucumber, pepper, and chard plants. The leftover produce was distributed at the Florence Gray Center and the Salvation Army. Maggie, Ruth, Marge, Norma, Zhong-li, Mary Day, Jeanne, Judi, and Linda removed the tomato plants, clips, spools, and string irrigation hose anchor stakes. Meanwhile, a group of children along with Sophia – one of our Salve Regina University volunteers – helped to make flower arrangements which were brought to those who needed some extra love. Later in the week, Judi and Linda packed 226 lbs of chard, green tomatoes, and peppers for St. Paul’s and Florence Gray Center farm stand locations. On Saturday, the garden beds were turned over by a family involved with the American Heritage Girls. The father, Nick, with a pitch fork in hand helped to get the gardens ready for planting. The rest of the family went to one of the greenhouses to pull out chard, basil, and all equipment left over.


In the second week of October, Linda S and Judi finished up with one of the greenhouses (clearing out) while Linda planted carrots, radishes, Asian greens, and lettuce in another. Sophia and some young volunteers named Annalise & Elizabeth helped to weed with Sophia while other volunteers Gabby, Ella, and Isaiah turned over garden beds. A group from Looking Upwards also came back to help pick 3 1/2 lbs of green beans and pulled out plants for composting! Later in the week, Kathy M. raked out some beds to be planted this week.


The third week of October was all about planting! In the beginning of the week, Paula, Judi, and Linda planted kale, collard greens, chard, and some beets. One of the greenhouses was turned over completely by Sophia, while Vivian helped as well. Gabby, Ella, and Isaiah finished in the hoop house. Anne helped to plant lettuce, and Calissa – another of our volunteers from Salve – helped with planting with turnips, spinach, beets, and carrots!

The last week of October, Paula transplanted some Asian greens, while Linda watered. The Tuesday group continued planting. The plants were watered, and finally Calissa on the last Saturday of October finished out our planting! All done! On our last day of October, we have found that the produce looks great for our first farm stand of the season! Kale, collards, chard, “happy rich” mini broccoli, celeriac, lettuce, and plenty of herbs! We also luckily have 8 brand new coolers (on wheels!), with 2 for each farm stand.