Wanted: Volunteer Coordinator

God’s Community Garden is looking for a volunteer to work as a Volunteer Coordinator for GCG.

Title: Volunteer Coordinator


The goal of the volunteer coordinator is to recruit, oversee, and manage volunteers and volunteer programs. The volunteer coordinator will work towards increasing the number of volunteers GCG has regularly while additionally enhancing the outreach possibilities. The volunteer coordinator will utilize their position to connect with other organizations, schools, and businesses to further benefit both the organization and those who are food insecure in the community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Specific duties may include, but not limited to
  • Recruiting new volunteers through innovative means from schools, businesses, universities, community groups, etc.
  • Creating programs that are sustainable and easy to manage that benefit the garden’s outreach and overall mission
  • Looking at new ways GCG can sustain through grant writing, structural reorganization, etc.
Additional Opportunities: The volunteer coordinator will…
  • Gain valuable experience in the non-profit sector
  • Become a valuable part of both the God’s Community Garden Community and the Aquidneck Island Community.
  • Will gain valuable experience in program development, volunteer outreach, and non-profit management
  • Feel good knowing they helped the Aquidneck Island community
  • Must have time to donate as this is a volunteer position
  • Passionate about serving the community
  • Experience in gardening – personal or professional
  • Will include heavy lifting/manual labor
Additional Information: Please send cover letter and resume to rebecca.forsythe@salve.edu